Power without Compromise

The first lithium-ion battery of its kind, the Essential gives you long-lasting power and performance in a light-weight, versatile design that’s been created with a more sustainable future in mind.

It’s the battery your world has been waiting for.

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The Essential: your ‘go anywhere’ energy


With the Essential, you don’t just get freedom and convenience, you also get the good feeling that comes with protecting your planet.

The world’s most sustainable battery.

Too many modern products are designed to have a limited lifespan. And when obsolescence is built in, we all pay the price. The Essential is different: it was built to be rebuilt. Our unique compression technology removes the use of permanently bonded components, meaning every part can be accessed and replaced, or even upgraded as technology evolves. This gives your battery an infinite lifespan, making it better value for you and much kinder to the planet. We’ll even repurpose any cells that need to be removed, to keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum.


Power and value you can depend on

The Essential comes with an extended service promise, so you know your battery can always be kept in perfect balance, to deliver peak performance for its entire lifetime. Designed to provide power at high capacity, it’s been built to exacting standards and independently tested by specialist centres. You can expect your Essential to be stronger, more reliable and easier to handle than any battery you’ve used before. Unlike other lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time, the service backed Essential is with you for the long-haul, whatever you’re using it for.


What will you do with it?

The power and freedom to do more, however you decide to use it.

Powering leisure

A convenient and versatile choice, the Essential is easy to carry and install and gives you access to higher voltages. It will power more appliances, giving you the freedom to do more, wherever you go.

Powering medical response

When you need life-saving equipment on the scene, you don’t want your battery to limit what you can do. The Essential is a safe, reliable and easy to install power source for critical response vehicles.

Powering UPS systems

Compact and easily connectible in series or parallel, the Essential provides a reliable and scalable power source for low-voltage uninterruptible power supply systems and critical power applications, and can be remotely monitored and maintained.

Powering light electric vehicles

Designed to be easy to carry and used in three different positions, the light-weight Essential is a perfect power choice for light EVs of every type, including 2-wheel, 3-wheel and quadra-cycles.


12v battery 12V24v battery 24V48v battery 48V
Nominal Voltage12.8 V25.6 V51.2 V
Nominal Capacity100 Ah50 Ah25 Ah
Total Energy1.4 kWh1.4 kWh1.4 kWh
Impedance10 mΩ20 mΩ50 mΩ
Self Discharge~3% per month~3% per month~3% per month
Cycle Life at 100% DoD@ 0.2C5,000 cycles5,000 cycles5,000 cycles
Series Connection421
Parallel Connection101010


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